Annie Carruthers


Architect AR97156
General Contractor CGC1511058
Interior Designer ID6118
Real Estate Broker BK484552

Annie Carruthers is recognized in South Florida for distinctive luxury estates and attention to detail. A Miami native by birth, Annie received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Miami. She studied under urban planner Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, known for completing the designs and codes for over two hundred towns including Seaside, as well as Jorge Hernandez, renouned professor and author Vincent Scully, and Thomas Spain. She spent her fourth year abroad in Florence Italy where she was inspired by the classical setting. Through her studies, Annie worked for the University of Miami Construction Department as Project Coordinator. She also worked for Lennar Homes, permitting hundreds of homes in Miami-Dade County which provided valuable experience in the permit review process. She later began her apprenticeship with Revuelta, Vega, Leon, a firm specializing in high-rise, luxury residential structures. She worked on many contemporary downtown Miami, 30 to 52 story structures including Jade, The Bath Club, Porto Vita and La Rive.

Annie founded In-Site Design Group in order to expand creatively on projects with greater artistic license. She transforms basic utilitarian programs into a composition that evokes strong emotional responses, while meeting personalized visions and the social desires of the client. Returning to Europe often, she continues to borrow and adapt classical themes in residential work. Her approach to design is to reflect traditional elements and respond to the tropical climate, without stylistic embellishment. Emphasis is placed on entertainment spaces and interiors, creating views and separate private areas for peacefulness and reflection. The enjoyment of physical sensations while moving through spaces is equally important. For this reason, she generally works from the inside out, where the program determines the overall form. The external appearance of the building is a natural result of this process.

Annie is a licensed Registered Architect, General Contractor, Interior Designer and Real Estate Broker which combines a knowledge of the local real estate market with economically feasible building solutions. Annie has over 20 years experience in the construction industry.

Annie is fluent in Spanish, Italian and French allowing her to work with international clients. Her passion and commitment to the art of building are beautifully expressed in her work.

Samuel R. Uccello, R.A.


Mr. Uccello is a native Floridian and holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also has a year’s study in Versailles, France and has traveled extensively in Europe. Mr. Uccello is a Registered Architect in the State of Florida, a licensed Interior Designer and is LEED certified as well as certified in Green Building by the Florida Green Building Council. He believes in living green by design, meaning that through design we can build profitable, environmentally responsible and healthy places to live and work. By using specific design techniques and practices, we can improve all aspects of life and help preserve our environment for future generations.

Mr. Uccello has also completed projects in Spain and Cypress as well as many parts of the United States.

Jack Carruthers


Jack’s expertise is in insurance and real estate sales, finance and negotiation. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University.

Sabina Vakhovsky


Sabina is currently completing her Master of Architecture degree at Florida International University. She has been with In-Site Design group for over three years and has contributed greatly to updating visual presentations.

Adrian Acosta